Introducing Our Staff

 Role  Responsibility
Mrs Paula Dix Executive Headteacher Catholic ethos, DSL1, Senior Leadership Team
Mrs Anne Mulholland Head of School, Year 2 Teacher Senior Leadership Team, DSL2, Computing, Maths
Miss Marcella Staniland Year R Teacher Early Years, Senior Leadership Team, KS1 leader, Environment, sustainability, outdoor learning, Healthy Schools, RRR school, School council, peer mentoring, DSL3
Miss Alexis Pinto Year 1 Teacher RE
Mrs Ashlyn Day Year 2 Teacher PE
Miss Laura Hodge Year 3 Teacher Music
Mrs Jo Gray Year 4 Teacher Science
Mrs Lucy Cole Year 5 Teacher Geography, History, French
Mrs Jane Livingston-Payne Year 5 Teacher Art
Mrs Jenny Rushton Year 6 Teacher English, DSL4
Mrs Tonia Robertson SENCO Senior Leadership Team, SEN, Inclusion and equality
Mrs Carol Majewski HLTA PPA Cover, First Aider, Breakfast Club Supervisor
Miss Vicky Ryan School Business Manager School Finance, Admissions Administration, First Aider, ICT Support
Mrs Kayleigh Wilkinson Senior Admin Assistant Daily Administration, Paediatric First Aider, Shamrock’s after school club Supervisor
Mrs Carole Ward Finance Assistant Daily Finance, Shamrocks after school club Supervisor
Mrs Jo Baldwin LSA (Year R) Early Years Assistant, Paediatric First Aider
Mrs Jane Mumford LSA (Year 1) Supervisory Assistant, Paediatric First Aider
Mrs Marnie Carty LSA (Year 2) Supervisory Assistant, Paediatric First Aider, Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs Joji Moseley LSA (Year 3) Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Siobhan Morgan LSA (Year 4) Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Claire Lea LSA (Year 5) Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Lesley Parkin LSA (Year 6) Supervisory Assistant, Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs Paula Kendall ELSA
Mrs Jennifer Ward Shamrocks After School Club Supervisory Assistant
Miss Jaimie Byrne Shamrocks After School Club Supervisory Assistant
Mr Ian Raine Caretaker
Mrs Kathleen Jones Cleaner/Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Margaret Wedgewood Cleaner/Kitchen Assistant